Here Comes the Sun, by The Beatles

“Here Comes the Sun”Written by George HarrisonPerformed by The BeatlesReleased September 26, 1969 It’s a gray, rainy day today in Chicago. But, it is warmer today than it was yesterday, and I hope it is colder today than it will be tomorrow. The promise of spring is here, and I am thinking about “Here Comes the Sun.” “Here ComesContinue reading “Here Comes the Sun, by The Beatles”

Just Like Pagliacci Did. “Tears of a Clown”

“Smokey Robinson is America’s greatest living poet.” Though this quote has been attributed to Bob Dylan, it has never been confirmed that our modern day Bard actually uttered these exact words. It may have been him, it may have been his manager, or it may have just been a creative journalist with a wild imagination.Continue reading “Just Like Pagliacci Did. “Tears of a Clown””

Straight from the Gutter

My friend Michael had just come home after spending a college semester abroad in London. We met for lunch to catch up after his return home, and he handed me a cassette tape. “I heard these guys performing on the street in London, and they were great. Listen to the tape…You’ll love it.” Michael told meContinue reading “Straight from the Gutter”

A Classic, from Just Down the Street

The centerpiece of my teenage room was my stereo. I had a killer turntable with a receiver, a dual tape deck and beautiful sounding speakers on either side of  my bed. Behind my turntable were two milk crates, stacked on top of one another, holding my 250 record albums. The first album I really remember listeningContinue reading “A Classic, from Just Down the Street”

The Day We Met Mavis

In 2007, Mavis Staples released the album We’ll Never Turn Back, an amazing collection of civil rights anthems, updated to reflect the current struggles and concerns of African Americans in a post 9/11 America. I first discovered Mavis Staples as a member of The Staple Singers, a soul group that found fame in the 1960’sContinue reading “The Day We Met Mavis”

Paul Pena, and the Career that Should Have Been

Every now and then I find a nugget. Whether through the recommendation of a friend, something I happened upon on the radio or read about, I always enjoy finding that rare musical treasure I had not heard of before. The discovery (though usually aided by others) is mine, and I hold it dear. Riding in the carContinue reading “Paul Pena, and the Career that Should Have Been”