Making the music perfect

My blog is about the music that I love. Though I set out to write about musicianship and songwriting craft, I often find myself talking just as much about my own life. Where I was when I first heard a song, or what was happening in my life at the time. My life informs […]

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The Very Most Perfect “Respect”

“That girl done stole my song!” The truly great songs are fluid. They mean different things to different people. They have an identity that changes over time. What might at first be revolutionary may live long enough to become staid, and comfortable. What was at once edgy and transformative may become stale and stodgy. “Respect” […]

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Perfectly Mad

Sometimes, a song is just so lovely. Even for Elton John. Many of Elton John’s songs are lovely. Early in his career, in partnership with lyricist Bernie Taupin, John would release sparse love songs and ballads, a troubadour sitting at his piano delivering songs that were at once lush and sparse, ethereal and dense. There […]

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Perfectly “Tempted”

  High school was a funny time. Well, at least it was a funny time for me. Girls confused me. Classes challenged me. Music entertained me. Books engaged me. I was discovering who I was…what I liked. What I cared about. What caught my attention. It was during my murky teen years that MTV was […]

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