American Pie, by Don McLean

We tell stories, and we share remembrances. We get together with friends and we fondly recall times when we were all younger together. We share common experiences and recollections. We tell the same stories we have always told, maybe adding a layer of exaggeration and truth-bending with every retelling. The stories get bigger. They getContinue reading “American Pie, by Don McLean”

Two Perfect Songs. Two Imperfect Lives.

There’s an old Yiddish proverb that says “Man plans, and God laughs.” Whatever we think our life will be, whatever preconceived notions we may have, our actual life will probably be something far different than what we have imagined. The history of rock and roll music is riddled with songwriters letting their imagination run wild.Continue reading “Two Perfect Songs. Two Imperfect Lives.”

Falling Slowly, by The Swell Season

Regular readers of this blog know that usually I write about a song, and then at the end I include a video of the song being performed, usually by the artist who originally wrote or recorded the music. Because that is how I usually come to a song. I hear it on the radio. IContinue reading “Falling Slowly, by The Swell Season”