People Get Ready, by The Impressions

Passover is a holy week. Jews around the world celebrate , and remember how we were once slaves in Egypt, and with the inspiration of God and the leadership of Moses, we became a free people. Christians celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus three days after his crucifixion. This week, the world came together inContinue reading “People Get Ready, by The Impressions”

I’ll Be There, by The Jackson Five

What comes to mind when you think of Michael Jackson? Is it the single sequined glove? Maybe it’s his famous Moonwalk dance, gliding effortlessly, backwards across the stage. Or do you think of his controversies? Do you think of how he built a secluded oasis for himself at the Neverland Ranch, his curious marriage toContinue reading “I’ll Be There, by The Jackson Five”

September, by Earth, Wind and Fire

What is the song that always puts a smile on your face? You sing along while wistfully recalling that time long ago that you first heard the song. You know what you were doing. You know who you were with. Maybe, you even remember the smell of the room. You sing along. Or you tapContinue reading “September, by Earth, Wind and Fire”