The Perfect Passing

With every ending, space is created for something new to begin. For something to new to eventually begin, something else first needs to end. All things must pass. All things must pass away. In the late 1960’s, the Beatles were slowly disintegrating. John married Yoko, and his priorities changed. Paul took control of the band,Continue reading “The Perfect Passing”

The Forever Perfection of “Dancing Queen”

Breathe in deep, and fill your lungs with air. Look up to the sky, and raise your hands up above your head. Smile, and wear your flashiest dress or your widest lapels. Twirl around. Strap on those platform shoes. You know you look good. “Dancing Queen,” the shimmering, bombastic, amazing 1976 disco manifesto is playingContinue reading “The Forever Perfection of “Dancing Queen””

The Perfect Conceit of “Sail Away”

America suffers from an identity crisis. In our founding documents, the ideal of America is a beautiful vision where all people are free, strangers and immigrants are warmly welcomed, and every person has the inalienable right to pursue happiness. At the same time those documents were being written though, Africans were being forcibly and violentlyContinue reading “The Perfect Conceit of “Sail Away””

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, by Elton John

Sometimes, a song is just so lovely. Even for Elton John. Many of Elton John’s songs are lovely. Early in his career, in partnership with lyricist Bernie Taupin, John would release sparse love songs and ballads, a troubadour sitting at his piano delivering songs that were at once lush and sparse, ethereal and dense. ThereContinue reading “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters, by Elton John”