It Makes No Difference, by The Band

Written by guest blogger Michael Shapiro: Musicians often cite their musical influences when describing how and what they write. As an aficionado rather than a practitioner, I often think of the friends and family members who have influenced my musical tastes; a long time close friend who introduced me to Springsteen, a college buddy whoContinue reading “It Makes No Difference, by The Band”

Rock and Roll Easter Eggs

Wikipedia defines an Easter egg as a “hidden message, or a secret feature.” In software, it could be a simple game that appears when a certain keyboard combination is used, or on a DVD, hidden features are revealed when a menu image is selected. Rock and roll is filled with wonderful Easter eggs. An EasterContinue reading “Rock and Roll Easter Eggs”

Have a Little Faith in Me, by John Hiatt

It is said that the music you encounter in your late teens and early 20’s is imprinted on you for the rest of your life. This is the music you love, the music you always go back to, the music by which all other music you listen to will be judged. I first heard theContinue reading “Have a Little Faith in Me, by John Hiatt”